Nutrisystem 2.3


Enjoy the ease and convenience of Nutrisystem® from your Android. The Nutrisystem App features a Meal Planner to help you track and plan your meals and water PLUS track your weight, exercise, measurements and even write in your own personal journal. Everything you report is synchronized between the Android and You can also browse Our Menu to find the food you love and discover new favorites! Registration is absolutely FREE.

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▪ A Meal Planner to help you track what you’ve eaten throughout each day.
▪ A Water Tracker to help you count each glass you drink throughout the day.
▪ An Exercise Log to help you stay on top of your workout.
▪ A personal Journal to help you stay on track and motivated.
▪ A Weight tracker to keep track daily of your goals and progress.
▪ A Measurements Log to see where you're progress is showing, on you!
▪ Our Menu – Browse the gallery of Nutrisystem® Foods to discover delicious meals that can help you control your hunger and lose weight.
▪ Synchronization between the Android and online logs--everything you report in the Android is reported in your online Planners, and vice versa.
▪ FREE REGISTRATION and a Meal Plan that’s right for you. When you register with Nutrisystem, we will help you select the Meal Plan that best meets your needs.

The Nutrisystem® program is the perfect combination of variety, nutrition, hunger control and convenience, enabling you to lose weight while enjoying foods you love.

Our website provides a variety of online weight and fitness trackers to help you track your progress. On you can also connect with other Nutrisystem members who share your weight loss goals and motivations.

1/19/2011: Landscape mode and additional android specific features.
2/17/2011: Bug fix for application crashes.
3/28/2011: Bug fix for application crashes.

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